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Organize Your Home Room by Room Without Going Crazy

Feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your house? Fear not. This post will show you exactly how to organize your home room by room without making you go crazy!



It can feel incredibly daunting thinking about how to tackle all the clutter in your house. Where do you even start? You’re already super busy and don’t have time to do the basics let alone sort through and organize an entire house! So the organization gets pushed to the back of your to-do list for when you have time to do it… which never comes around.


Luckily there is a way to get your ENTIRE home organized in less than a month by tackling one small, manageable key section of the house each day. 


By the end, you will have a completely organized home that will leave you feeling accomplished, organized and in control.


So are you ready to get started?


Day 1: Organizing the Dump Spot



Every home has a dump spot, it’s can be on the entrance table, the dining table, or kitchen counter, regardless of where it is, it’s the spot that everything gets dumped on. Bills, shopping receipts, to-do lists, random pens, things that need to be put away, you get the idea.

Well, today your first challenge is to tackle the dump spot. 


  • Grab an empty box or laundry basket whatever works for you and fill it with everything from the dump spot.


  • Find a place to sort through the box and get started.


  • Organize items from the box into piles, bills, things that need to be returned to other rooms, etc. 


  • Throw out the junk.


  • Once sorted, put all items in their proper places.


That’s it! don’t focus on anything else today from the list and go make a cup of coffee you deserve it. 


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Day 2: Tackle and Organize The Front Closet


The front closet can easily end up a junk closet where all random things get stored. But no more! After today you will have a clean and organized front closet you can be proud of.


  • First, take everything out of the closet. It’s much easier to clean and organize if you remove everything first. 


  • Next, you’re going to sort through everything, what things are needed and what is not. If it’s currently winter and you have 6 pairs of summer sandals it’s time to put them into storage for next spring/summer. 


  • Make a pile of things that need to go to different rooms and then put them in their correct locations. 


  • Clean the closet from top to bottom before placing items back in.


  • Add cute storage baskets like these ones, to hold shoes and other necessary items like umbrellas, gloves, etc. 


  • Add some spare coat hangers for guests.


Day 3 – Organizing The Living Room 



 The living room is well, one of the most lived-in rooms in the house so it’s should come as no surprise as to much clutter can accumulate here. So let’s just tackle this room and get it done!


  • Start by grabbing four boxes and label them Keep, Relocate, Donate, and Toss


  • Go through your DVD/VHS stash and be strict, most shows and movies can be watched digitally via a streaming service these days. You can free up so much space but donating the ones you don’t watch/need anymore.


  • Next, tackle that stack of magazines/books piled high next to the sofa. Put cherished books in the relocate box to put them back in their proper location. Toss or donate old magazines and books.


  • Sort out your game cupboard and make sure each game has all the parts. Toss or donate the ones that are not complete.


  • Gather all random objects that don’t belong in the living room and place them in the relocate box.


  • Clean and dust behind electronics and give the room a good clean.


  • Grab a coffee you’re done for today!



Day 4 – Time For Organization Shopping


Yes, this day is a pretty fun day! Get out (or order online) a label maker like this one… Trust me it will be your new best friend! 

Pick up some file binders, storage tubs, drawer organizers and any other useful things that will help with your organization. 


Day 5 – Clean and Organize The Junk Drawer


Every home has a junk drawer just like the “dump spot” but let’s be real the dump spot at least gets tackled and sorted occasionally. The junk drawer, however, is a place for pens, out of circulation currency, old remotes to gadgets you don’t even own anymore, spare keys from a house you lived in 10 years ago, and all sorts of little bits and bobs that just gather in the drawer to be “put away and dealt with one day” which let’s face it never happens. That is unless you move… then usually you empty the contents of the drawer into a box and then shove the entire contents in a new drawer.


But today that’s going to change! You are going to tackle the junk drawer once and for all and have it nice and organized.

Even if it will be overflowing with junk again in 5 months time 😉


  • First, empty the entire drawer into a box and wipe clean the drawer.


  • Toss out pens that don’t work, and other garbage that has gathered in the drawer.


  • Throw away or donate things like old tv remotes, etc 


  • Relocate the things that don’t belong in the drawer to their proper homes.


  • Put drawer organization separators in and keep things in the drawer that are needed.


Day 6 – Tackle the Laundry Room and Mud Room



Just like the other rooms, you’re going to start by taking everything out and sorting them into your 4 labeled bins. 

Give the room a good wipe down and clean. Wipe down the washer and run a clean cycle with some vinegar. If you have a dryer clean out the lint trap and vacuum behind the dryer, also give the inside of the drum a wipe down with a damp cloth then dry with a clean cloth.

Once the washer, dryer, floor, shelves, etc are clean it’s time to organize.

Grab your sorting bins and start going through each item and placing them in the correct bins. 

Once you have sorted through everything it’s time to put the items back in the room neatly and in order.


Day 7 to 8 – Organize Your Home Office


This area of the house will need your full concentration as there are usually lots of important pieces of paperwork to sort through and organize, I know it might feel daunting but you got this!

Take your time over these two days to really sort through all your paperwork and organize everything in piles. Once all the paperwork has been sorted it’s time to store them in labeled binders. 

Next, go through any drawers and shelves and sort items into your four bins… Wipe down all desktops, drawers, and cabinets before placing items in their proper place. 



Day 9 – Organizing The Pantry


Today’s focus is on the pantry. If you don’t have a pantry then clean and organzine the cupboards where you store food items.

First, empty the pantry. Take everything out and give the pantry (or cupboards) a good clean. Next, it’s time to go through all items wipe clean and check expiration dates on canned goods etc. 

You also want to wipe down small kitchen appliances you have stored in the pantry as they can quickly gather dust if not used for a while. 

When everything is cleaned it’s time to put everything back and organize. Store appliances you don’t use frequently on the top shelves. Next group items together, for example, baking goods, store flour, instant yeast, baking soda in zipper bags. 

Line up canned goods neatly with labels facing outwards so you can quickly see what you have available. You can also use baskets to store similar items together. 


Day 10 – Fridge Organization



With the pantry done it’s time to tackle the fridge. Start by emptying the fridge and giving it a good clean. Remove any drawers and wash them in soapy water. Get an old toothbrush and clean out the seals around the doors. 

Next, go through all food items and check the dates, any that are expired toss. Remove items from the freezer and throw away anything that’s been in the freezer longer than 6-12 months. Give the freezer a wipe down and put back freezer items.

Place food items back into the fridge neatly.


Day 11 – The Kitchen


With the fridge and pantry cleaned and organized it’s time to tackle the actual kitchen. This room can feel daunting but you can do it! 

As always you want to start by taking everything out of the cupboards and shelves and give them a good clean.

Take out the silverware drawers and give them a good scrub in warm soapy water. Take out all utensils from the drawer and sort through them, do you really need 4 different can openers? Donate any items you don’t really need and put the ones you do want neatly back in the drawer.

Be ruthless if you don’t use an appliance donate it! 

Store pots and pans neatly, sort out plastic and glass containers, baking sheets etc and store neatly. Place items back in the proper cupboard and place any items that don’t belong in the kitchen back in their proper locations. 

Give the oven, microwave, and sink a good scrub and clean the ventilator. 


Day 12 – The Master Bedroom


Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation and tranquility, a place to escape the chaos and unwind and most of all a place to get a good night’s sleep. Unfolded laundry, paperwork on the bedside table and a half-unpacked suitcase on the floor hardly scream relaxation! Today is the day to tackle the clutter and mess and transform your bedroom into a relaxation and sleep paradise.


  •  First, strip the bed and wash and dry everything. 


  • Open the windows to get fresh air in. 


  • Next, empty any drawers in the room and sort through what you actually need in them. The rest of the items find new places for them in the home, toss, or donate.


  • Vacuum the mattress and if you have a small portable upholstery cleaner like this one, use it to clean the mattress.


  • Vacuum or sweep under the bed and clean the headboard. 


  • Make the bed


Now tonight when you go to bed you will instantly feel better knowing this room is done!


Day 13 – Organize The Master Closet


Today is another day to be ruthless! Take out all your clothes and be honest with yourself. If you haven’t worn something in the last year, donate it. Clothes too small or too big? Donate them. Be realistic and ruthless, there is no need to have a closet full of clothes you don’t wear taking up valuable space in your closet.


  • Remove any broken hangers 


  • Put season clothes in separate baskets or shelves  


  • Organize your shoes neatly and get rid of any that you no longer wear or that give you blisters. 



You should now have lots of free space in your closet and know that everything in there fits. No more searching through mountains of clothes to find something that fits. 



Day 14 – Clean and Organize Bathrooms


Start by emptying out all drawers and shelves. Give the bathroom a good clean and then tackle the items. Toss empty bottles of lotions and perfume. 


Put everything back in its proper place. 


Day 15 –  Kids Rooms



Today you’re going to tackle that mountain of toys and outgrown clothes that fill your child’s room.


First, start with the clothes. Go through all your child’s clothes and put to one side items that don’t fit anymore. If your planning on using them for another child in the family then place in a storage box. If not donate them to a local charity.


Now on to the toys, donate any toys in good condition that your child no longer plays with. Any toys that are broken of having missing parts, toss!


With the toys and games your keeping, organize them. Keep puzzles on one shelf, board games on another, etc. 

Take all books out and go through them, if your child is now 9 years old and you still have baby books on the shelf it’s time to donate them. Place books back on the shelf in size order. 


You’re Done!

That’s it you’ve done it! you’ve managed to organize the house in only 15 days! It can feel intimidating and downright scary to tackle the entire house, but by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks each day you can get it done and you will feel a million times better afterward!


If you have other rooms in the house such as an attic, basement, or garage just apply the same principles, tackle each room one day at a time and use your sorting bins. 


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