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22 Clever Parent Life Hacks To Make Parenting Easier

Parenting is without a doubt one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs we have, but let’s face it, it is also really hard! Luckily there are some parent life hacks that can make parenting just that tad bit easier! 


So without further ado, let’s just jump straight into the list! 


1. Enjoy Stress-Free Mornings With Music



Kids love music and dancing around and what better way to wake up and start the day than with some uplifting tunes. Make a playlist with songs your kids love. Play the 1st song to get out of bed, the 2nd song to brush teeth, the 3rd song to wash, the 4th song to get dressed, etc. 


2. End Shopping Trip Tantrums


When you make your shopping list, allow your child to write or paint their own shopping list. This helps your child to feel involved in the task and that they are contributing thus providing entertainment while reducing meltdowns and tantrums. 

Once you’re at the store ask them to point out and help get the items you need. 


3. Wave Goodbye To Tangled Hair


It’s no fun trying to detangle your child’s hair in the morning after they have twisted and turned all night like a helicopter! To avoid this make two braids in your child’s hair before they go to sleep. 


4. Keep On Walking



In a rush and your little one is casually strolling along stopping every 2 seconds or just doesn’t feel like walking anymore? Play a game! 

Walk a few steps backward, sideward, skip, sing or count cars, dogs or people. 


5. Prepare Breakfast In Advance AKA Meal Prep!


There is a reason the internet is bursting with meal prep videos, posts, and ideas! It makes life easier! 

While it can feel like a pain in the backside to plan and prepare in advance you will be so happy you did.

Slept in a little late? just kidding, that is as rare as a unicorn when you have kids! But the point is your mornings are not always going to go to plan, things happen your running late for whatever reason and you will be happy you planned and prepped everything in advance!

Whew! Meal prep saved the day!


6. Make Checklists


Make a checklist for your child’s tasks. For example, for the swimming course printout a checklist and add a photo for the swimsuit, shampoo, towel, etc. so your child can get used to putting things together on their own. It will make them feel more grown-up and independent.


7. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions


Don’t put your child under pressure by asking too many questions, make your own decisions or allow your child to choose from 2 options.


8. Shoes The Wrong Way Around?



Cut a sticker in half and put each half on the sole of the shoe so your child knows where is left and right.


9. Secret Language For Reminders


If you are tired of reminding your child over and over again for washing their hands before a meal, try the secret number trick: Give each task a number, such as washing hands “ONE”, hanging up their coat “TWO”, etc. It’s a great way to train both you and your child’s memory. Plus it helps little ones learn to count. 


10. No Smartphone Rule During Meals


Eating together at least once a day as a family is important. It gives children a sense of unity and belonging. Don’t allow interruptions from smartphones. Use a basket and before the meal put all phones in the basket until the meal is over. Be an
example and don’t break this rule yourself!


11. Avoid Fights When Friends Visit


Each family has different rules. To avoid arguments talk to the children about the rules of the house and allow your child to help explain to friends what is ok and what not. If they both (or all) feel involved, chances are that there are fewer


12. Buy Presents In Advance



Party invites are great but they can also leave you feeling stressed. When you’re already juggling daily life it’s easy to forget to buy a birthday gift. Then you need to make a mad dash for the store to buy a gift with your child in tow which is not fun!

So to avoid this stressful situation try to buy gifts as and when you see them throughout the year so you will already have something on hand when needed.


13. Cool Pack Hack


Inexpensive but great for bumps and scratches. Always have a small supply of cool packs in the fridge. You can always make your own by upcycling baby food squeeze pouches. Wash the pouch, fill it ¾ with water and put into the freezer. To avoid cold burn, put the pouch in an odd or old sock so it’s ready for use at any time.


14. Quit Electronics At Least 1 Hour Before Bedtime


Electronics and televisions emit blue light which inhibits melatonin production. If you want to avoid bedtime battles one of the best things you can do is turn off all devices for at least an hour before bedtime. By keeping the lighting in the house low and as natural as possible, you can help your kid’s melatonin levels rise helping your child to fall asleep easier. 


15. Make Rules



Work out times, rules and rituals. It makes life so much easier for children. Kids need guidelines so they learn how to obey rules and to test their limits. If there are no rules, kids are forced to extreme measures in order to get a reaction from you.


16. Plan Your Shopping Trip


Stock up on foods like potatoes, pasta, frozen veg so that you can easily plan ahead and use leftovers from the day before for tomorrow’s meal.


17. Save Time With a Slow Cooker


Meal prep some slow cooker meals, then you can throw the frozen or thawed meal into the slow cooker and have dinner ready without having to lift a finger!  It saves time and when the kids come home from school they can sit down and eat right away.


18. Art Gallery


Find a place in the house where you can hang pictures and artwork with clothespegs on a piece of string or use a clothes hanger, you can change the artwork frequently and your kid will be proud your displaying their artwork.


19. Use Color Coding


Ask your child(ren) to pick their favorite color and mark or buy their personal items in that color, i.e. toothbrush, towels, cups, etc. It will minimize arguments as to who’s is who’s and helps to organize things.


20. Take Shifts



Us parents don’t get enough sleep and boy do we need it! Talk to your partner and arrange to take it in turns to sleep in on a Saturday or Sunday morning.


21. Mommy/Daddy Time Voucher


Give your child a voucher for 1 hour with mom and dad per week in which they can enjoy your undivided attention. During this time let them choose what to play or do. It will make your child feel important and it’s precious bonding time for you and your child.


22. Doppelgaenger Teddy


If your child has a favorite teddy, buy the same one again and keep it, so you always have a spare one if it gets lost or one needs washing.


So there are 22 ways to make parenting just that touch easier! What are your favorite parenting hacks? Let us know in the comments!


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parent life hacks to make parenting easier

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