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Super Easy Ways To Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive Longer

Looking to keep fresh cut flowers alive longer? This post will show you some really easy ways to keep your flowers fresh and beautiful, so you can admire them for longer!


Don’t you just hate it when you get some beautiful flowers put them in a vase and within two days they’re already drooping and looking worse for wear?

I do…

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden full of beautiful flowers to pick fresh at your disposal this might not be an issue, but for many, buying fresh flowers every few days can be downright expensive!


Pink Flower In Vase


Luckily there are some easy and simple ways to keep your bouquet of flowers fresh.

The way you transport flowers, cut them, and the water you put them in impacts how long they will live.

Keep reading to find out how to extend the life of your beautiful flowers.


How to Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive Longer


1 – The Right Transport


If your buying fresh flowers take a basket! Carrying them by hand could reduce their lifespan. It’s best to lay freshly cut flowers in a basket, with the stems wrapped in a damp cloth during transportation.


Cutting Flowers


2 – Cutting Flowers


Using scissors to cut flowers before putting them in the vase may seem like a good idea but it actually damages the lifespan of flowers by squeezing the stems.

Always cut flowers with a sharp knife instead.


3 – Cutting Flowers At An Angle


You’ve probably heard that you should cut flowers at an angle, while this is true for some flowers it doesn’t apply for all!

Flowers with soft stems, such as tulips, should be cut straight. While flowers with hard or woody stems should be cut at an angle 3-5cm long.


Arranging flowers


Soft Stem Flowers include:

Tulip, Lillies, Peony, Coneflower

Hard Stem flowers include:

Roses, carnations

Woody Stems include:

Sunflowers, hydrangeas, Lilacs, Azalea, Daphne



4 – Use Boiling Water


For hard and woody stem flowers, dip the tip of the freshly cut stem in boiling water for around 30-40 seconds to seal the cut surface. This will stop bacteria growth. Then place in the vase.


collect rain water


5 – Get the Water Right


Ideally, you want to fill your clean vase with lime-free (rainwater is best), slightly acidified, room temperature water.

You can acidify the water by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice. While you can use the special food packets provided in the bouquet, they are not really necessary if you add lemon juice or some vitamin C powder.

Other popular things to add to the water are either aspirin or a shot of vodka!




flowers in window


6 – Vase Location


Yes, even the location of your vase can affect the lifespan of your flowers!

Keep your fresh flowers in a bright room but not on the window sill!

Cut flowers will die faster if placed near radiators, drafty areas, in direct sunlight, or near televisions!

You should also keep your freshly cut flowers away from fruit bowls, as the fruits emit gas as they ripen which will cause the flowers to wilt and die faster.


Tulips In Vase


7 – Maintaining

Once you have the right environment for your flowers it’s all about the maintenance!

1- Rinse and clean the vase daily to prevent bacterial growth which can affect the flowers.

2 – Refill with clean rainwater if available and add a tablespoon of lemon juice or vitamin C powder.

3 – Trim the stems slightly as mentioned above and remove any wilted and bad flowers and leaves.

4 – Keep an eye on the water level.


While it would be great if freshly cut flowers would stay looking amazing forever, they will inevitably reach the end of their life and hopefully end up in a compost bin ready to break down into rich soil for fresh new beautiful flowers to grow.

But with these simple tips, you can keep your flowers looking their best for much longer.


In conclusion, cut flowers with a knife and not scissors at the correct angle depending on the stem type. Put in a clean vase with rainwater and lemon juice. Keep them away from drafts, bright light, fruits etc. Everyday clean the vase and add fresh water and lemon juice. Remove wilted and dead flowers and leaves.


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Have any tips for keeping cut flowers alive longer? Let us know it the comments.


how to keep flowers alive longer

How To Easily Keep Flowers Fresh

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