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The 4 Minute Trick To A Clean House Everyday

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, keeping it clean and tidy every day can feel downright impossible. Luckily there is a simple and fun solution to keeping Mega mess at bay!



Ever get into a cleaning mood and scrub the house from top to bottom for hours, only for it to look like a complete disaster the next day? Well, there is a way to keep your house clean and tidy (for the most part) every day and it’s the 4-minute trick.

Right off the bat this method, technique, trick, whatever you want to call it does not require endless hours of cleaning or printable charts (as nice as they are).

It is however fun, upbeat, and you will be left feeling satisfied after the 4 minutes are up!

So let’s jump in


How to keep your house clean and tidy every day


First, count how many rooms you have in your house, like the main rooms that need cleaning and tidying, you know the ones that get the most wear and tear daily.

Let’s pretend for the sake of this post that you’ve got 6. If you want to count every room, including the garden shed go ahead!

So with 6 rooms, you’re now going to choose 6 super upbeat happy songs that you love to listen to and make a playlist. 

Putting the songs in a playlist saves time. You got roughly 4 minutes, you don’t want to spend those 4 minutes searching for happy upbeat songs! Having a list of feel-good songs in your playlist ready to go speeds up the process.



Pick a room, choose one of the songs and then for the duration of the song (which average 4 minutes-ish) put things back in their place and wipe down surfaces, etc. You will be shocked at just how much you can do in 4 minutes! 

When the 4 minutes are up STOP. Move onto the next room until all 6 are complete or do them throughout the day as an when you have an extra 4 minutes. 

This sounds more like the tidy up time songs for kids you might think, and well you’re right it does, but there is a reason for this. 




What do those things have to do with keeping your home clean and tidy every day? A lot!



Life is a balance. And trying to find balance in today’s hectic world feels almost impossible at times. Do you need to spend 5 hours cleaning your house every day to have a clean and tidy home? No… you don’t. But you shouldn’t neglect it either as this can cause feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression. 

The 4-minute trick helps with balance as things are getting cleaned and tidied each day without taking over the entire day, leaving more time for family time and projects. 





Being consistent is one of the easiest ways to keep your home under control. Everyone can find 4 minutes here and there throughout the day. Waiting for the kettle to boil? switch on one of your songs and wipe down the kitchen sides, putting items back in their places.

Waiting for the bathtub to fill with water? switch on a song and give the rest of the bathroom a clean and tidy, throw out empty bottles etc. The opportunities are endless! And all these little 4 minutes moments every day will keep your house in order, effortlessly!



Listening to happy upbeat songs causes the brain to release the feel-good chemical dopamine. Who doesn’t want to be happy while tackling the mundane tasks of running a house? Listening to happy tunes combined with balance, and consistency in cleaning and tidying your home is good for your mental health. Knowing things are getting done each day and having fun while doing them can reduce stress and make you feel more accomplished with your day and life in general.


Some Tips


  • Get the family involved – make it a family game little kids, older kids, everyone can join in.


  • Keep cleaning supplies in easy to access areas. If your upstairs cleaning the bathroom you don’t want to waste your 4 minutes by going downstairs to gather cleaning supplies. 


  • Be consistent! doing it every day is the key to avoiding overwhelm and staying on top of things. 


  • Don’t forget all the paperwork! Grab a folder and keep it in the area your paperwork gathers. Take 4 minutes, listen to a song and sort through the paperwork each day to keep on top of it.


  • Make your bed and teach your kids to make their bed’s first thing in the morning.


  • Do one load of laundry a day to keep it from piling up.




So now you know an easy, fun way to keep your house clean and tidy all while boosting happiness, having more family time and having a more balanced home life! Now get yourself a coffee, put a tune on and wipe down those kitchen sides! 🙂


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How to keep your home clean and tidy everyday in 4 minutes

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.