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7 Amazing Recipe Hacks (That Your Grandma Knows)

Accidently put too much garlic in the soup or made the salsa too spicy? Don’t worry these recipe hacks will get your dish back on track without having to start over from scratch!


There is nothing worse than spending ages preparing a recipe only to spoil it by accidentally oversalting the dish, and even worse if you have guests coming and you don’t have time to start again.


But the good news is there are ways to fix these problems and no one will ever need to know!

So this post is going to show you some easy recipe hacks that will get your dish back on track.

Oversalted soup fix

How To Fix Oversalted Soups and Stews

You can save oversalted soups and stews by simply balancing the salt with sugar. A teaspoon of granulated sugar will absorb excess salt and help to balance the taste of the dish.

You can also stir in a teaspoon of honey if you don’t wish to use sugar.

Tone down spicy salsa

How to Tone Down Spicy Salsa

Made the salsa too spicy?

Tone down the heat by stirring in 1-2 drops of vanilla extract to take the heat down a level or two.

This is thanks to the sugars and amino acids found in vanilla.

Vinegar boiling egg

How to Rescue a Cracked Egg

If you’re making boiled eggs and the shell cracks fear not!

Simply adding a splash of white vinegar to the cooking water will help coagulate the egg white and stop it from seeping out the shell.


How to Fix Greasy Gravy

Gravy too greasy?

Stir a pinch or two of bicarbonate of soda into the cooking juices you use to make the gravy – just enough to absorb the grease.

But be careful if you put too much in you will taint the flavor of the gravy with a metallic taste.

reduce curry heat

How to Reduce Spiciness of Curry

If your curry is too spicy you can tone down the heat by adding applesauce.

Yes, applesauce!

Simply add a tablespoon of applesauce at a time and stir in until the heat of the curry is acceptable. Don’t worry you won’t taste the applesauce.

Vinegar to make tomatoes taste better

Make Supermarket Tomatoes Taste Better

There is no denying that sometimes supermarket tomatoes taste bland.

But they do have all that flavor hiding deep inside if you know how to get it out!

Drizzling a little rice vinegar over slices of tomatoes and be amazed at the difference you taste!


How to Fix Too Much Garlic In Soup

Tone down overly garlicy soup with parsley.

Pack fresh or dried parsley into a cheesecloth bag or metal tea ball and place inside the soup.

The parsley will start to absorb the garlic flavor helping to tone down the dish.

Leave the parsley in the soup for 5-10 min or until the garlic flavor has been toned down to your liking. Then remove the parsley from the soup and discard it.


So there you have some simple recipe tips that can help save your dish without needing to cook everything again!


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Got any recipe fixes? let us know in the comments. Or If you know someone (or a bad cook) who would find these tips useful please share!

Recipe Hacks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.