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10 Amazing Benefits Of Celery Juice and Why You Should Drink It


10 Incredible Benefits of Celery Juice


Celery juice is getting some major attention right now and for good reason. Celery has some mega health benefits and contains only 68 calories a cup!

The other good news is that celery is sold in every supermarket and is inexpensive, making it easy for everyone to enjoy its incredible benefits.

So let’s get to the amazing benefits of celery juice!

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Celery Juice Helps Prevent Cancer


1. Cancer Prevention


Celery literally repels cancer cells. It may not be the fanciest or most exotic vegetable, but one thing is for sure, it is packed with cancer-fighting compounds, 8 of them in fact.

One of the components called apigenin causes cancer cells to self-destruct.

Another compound in celery called luteolin can not only inhibit tumor growth but also reduce tumor size.



2. Reduces cholesterol levels


Juicing just two stalks of celery a day can lower cholesterol levels by up to 7 points!

This is because celery contains a compound called 3-n-butylphthalide that helps reduce bad cholesterol.


Celery Juice Helps To Control Blood Pressure


3. Controls blood pressure


Celery contains a compound called coumarins which increases white blood cell activity and the vascular system.

This helps to purify the bloodstream, improve blood flow circulation and reduce blood pressure.


Celery Fiber


4. Is packed with fiber


Just 1 cup of celery can provide around 2 grams of fiber.

Fiber helps reduce the rate that sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus preventing your blood sugar levels from rising too quickly.


Kidney pain


5. Helps prevent kidney stones


Celery has both diuretic and cleansing properties, both of which enhance the overall function of your kidneys.

Going to the bathroom regularly and frequently helps the body to flush out nasty toxins and helps prevent kidney stones from forming.


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celery juice ph levels


6. Keeps pH levels Balanced


Having high acid levels in your body can promote the growth of cancerous cells. Luckily celery is a natural alkaline-forming vegetable.

Eating or drinking celery regularly can help your body maintain a balanced pH level.


7. Anti-inflammatory


Celery is packed with anti-inflammatory properties.

Drinking celery juice has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with gout, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

Celery Juice Weight Loss


8. Aids Weight loss


While a cup of celery juice contains only 68 calories, it is also filling.

Celery is also packed with water and actually helps to replace electrolytes in your body. Making it the perfect post-workout beverage.


Celery juice for insomnia


9. Fights Insomnia


You’ve probably heard of drinking chamomile tea or warm milk before bed, but celery juice?

Yup, this pale green vegetable can actually help you fall asleep.

This is due to its magnesium and essential oil content that promote relaxation and sleep.


Celery juice for bone health


10. Strengthens bones


Celery is rich in Vitamin K which is vital for bone metabolism and protection against osteoporosis.

In addition, celery contains high levels of calcium and silicon, both of which help in the strengthening and regeneration of bones.


How Often Should You Drink Celery Juice?


To get the maximum benefits from celery juice, it’s ideal to drink it first thing in the morning and make it a good new habit. You can drink as much as you like but it is recommended up to 5 cups a day.


How To Make Celery Juice


You can use a juicer machine like this one, a blender or a Nutribullet. Put 3 cups washed celery in your machine of choice with 1 cup water.

Note: If you are using a regular blender you may want to strain the juice after blending through a cheesecloth or nut milk bag.


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It’s also important to use organic celery if possible as non-organic versions are sprayed with tonnes of chemicals and pesticides.


Can I Just Eat Raw Celery?


Eating celery raw will give you the same benefits, but it might be harder to consume 15 cups of chopped celery a day! Use celery to scoop up hummus, or in a tuna salad. The possibilities are endless!


10 incredible benefits of celery juice and why you should drink it

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