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How To Cut Out Sugar From Your Diet (Even When You’re Addicted)

How To Cut Out Sugar From Your Diet

Looking to eliminate sugar from your diet but finding it hard? In this post, we will cover why most people find it difficult to cut out sugar and ways to easily eliminate sugar for good!

How To Cut Out Sugar From Your Diet

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Sugar Is Addictive

Sugar is one of the most highly addictive food ingredients (more addictive than cocaine!) and also one of the most harmful ones with regard to health risks like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Research has shown that the average person consumes at least 22 teaspoons of sugar per day, which is shocking when you consider that the recommended daily allowance is 6 teaspoons!

How to cut out sugar from your diet

The Hidden Names Of Sugar

Unfortunately, some sugars in our modern diet are hidden or called by different names, such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup), Dextrin, Dextrose, etc. and are therefore not always easy to detect.

Cutting Out Sugar From Your Diet

This is one of the reasons why most people find it extremely difficult to eliminate sugar from their diet. It will take approximately between 10 to 14 days to stop sugar cravings. Some people find that the cravings may last longer, some less time.

Will power alone cannot stop sugar cravings, – It all depends on how much sugar a person usually consumes, whether or not someone has an addictive personality and also what type of food a person generally consumes.

As with everything, the first few days will be the hardest, however, your body will slowly adjust and after a few days, you will notice that your taste buds have already started to change.

Some people prefer a radical approach to eliminate their sugar intake altogether, others prefer to reduce their sugar intake slowly, for example by using 1 teaspoon of sugar in their coffee instead of 2.

How to Easily Cut Sugar From Your Diet

How To Eliminate Sugar Easily

Below are a few tips on how to eliminate sugar from your diet and be healthier in addition to losing some unwanted pounds:

  1. Get rid of temptation! Get rid of sugar and sweeteners in your house and be ruthless!
  2. Change sparkling drinks to water, unsweetened teas or diluted fruit juices (these do contain sugar but for those who go for the ‘gentle approach this might be easier). There are lots of delicious beverages that you can make in advance that contain no sugar, such as water with mint and cucumber or water infused with lime or lemon, etc. Careful with “sugar-free” drinks – most of these drinks contain hidden sugars or chemical sweeteners that are not good for your health
  3. Eat a breakfast that is high in proteins. Insulin levels are always higher in the morning because you’ve been fasting during the night. If you fill up with proteins and your stomach feels full, you avoid that your blood sugars spikes and therefore have fewer cravings for something sweet during the day.
  4. Eat plenty of healthy carbohydrates! Not all carbs are bad, try fresh berries and fruit that is lower in sugar, such as pears, plums, and apples. Filling yourself up with healthy carbs will curb sugar cravings but also help you to lose weight.
  5. Eat healthy fats! – The myth that Fat makes fat is not true, it’s mainly sugars and flour that pile on the pounds! Your body needs fat to control your blood sugar levels. The body also uses fat to transport vitamins and minerals in addition to keeping you satisfied. The best fats are coconut, olive oil, nuts, and seeds as well as Omega-3 fats found in organic meat, eggs, and organic seafood.
  6. Cook fresh and avoid processed foods as these are highly addictive and they contain a lot of hidden sugars.
  7. Try fermented food and drinks! Drinks like kefir, natural and unsweetened yogurt drinks or eating raw sauerkraut are a great way to detox and they also quench those little hunger feelings and help you lose weight.
  8. Pre-plan your snacks and make sure you always have some in your bag! We all get caught out at times and buy some snacks that promise to be healthy but when you look closer, they turn out to be packed with sugar. Pack some seeds, nuts, apples, berries or dried meat like jerky in your bag.
  9. Try and exercise to boost your serotonin levels. Serotonin is also known as the “Happy Hormone” and when you exercise your cravings will diminish. Higher serotonin levels also help you to sleep better and feel less stressed.
  10. Make sure you get sufficient rest and try to reduce stress levels. If you feel stressed or agitated your cortisol levels will rise (which translates into various increased health risks) and you are more likely to cave in to any cravings. Try breathing exercises to help you unwind and refocus.

Have any tips or tricks for eliminating sugar from your diet? Leave a comment below!

How to Cut Out Sugar From Diet Even When You're AddictedHow to reduce sugar Intake Gradually

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Renee Kellie

Saturday 16th of September 2023

Slow down and read labels is something I struggle with. I am older and the tiny writing is difficult to read without reading glasses. I also find when I exercise my eating habits change….it is much easier to eliminate the bad stuff because I do not crave it.


Wednesday 16th of August 2023

Hard to listen to people who believe sugar is more addictive then cocaine. I love sweets/ sugar but I don’t sweeten my tea or and smoothies, quite the contrary i only feel like sugar as a dessert . Eating all those things and following your strategy still doesn’t stop me from feeling. Dinner isn’t over without a dessert.


Monday 13th of May 2024

@Dorothy, sugar is that addictive for some people. Think of it like alcohol, some of us can drink alcohol without any problem but others get totally addicted to it. It’s the same with sugar. Just because you yourself don’t get addicted doesn’t mean that others are the same or that it’s easy to give up if you do get addicted. An alcoholic has to completely give up alcohol but it’s not that easy with sugar as it is in so many things.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.