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9 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning

9 Incredible benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning


The benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning are plentiful.


It’s packed with vitamin C and is a great way to kick-start your metabolism every day! It will also make you feel refreshed, energized, and ready for whatever the day has in store. In addition, it can be used as an aid for weight loss, reduce symptoms of depression or just help you have a better day.


In this post, you’re going to learn about 9 amazing benefits drinking lemon water in the morning has for your body and mind.



Fresh lemon water in the morning

Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Hydrates You


If you’re feeling tired and sluggish in the morning, chances are that it’s because you’re dehydrated. That happens to a lot of people when they wake up, but drinking lemon water in the morning can help keep your body hydrated which will prevent future fatigue.


Having a glass of water infused with lemon juice in the morning can help you stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s naturally made, so it will keep your body energized and refreshed by providing all of these benefits without causing blood sugar spikes.


So before reaching for your morning coffee, start your day with a big glass of lemon water.


Lemon Water Cleanses Your System


One of the best benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning is its cleansing benefits. Drinking lemon water helps rid your body of toxins that build up during the night, which means that you’ll feel refreshed after you drink it. It also helps to cleanse your internal digestive system and provides a boost to your immune system.


Lemon Water Benefits Your Skin


Lemon water benefits for the skin


Drinking lemon water benefits your skin because it helps to reduce and prevent acne and blemishes that can form on the skin. If you’re looking for a way to make your skin look clearer, less oily, and brighter, having a glass of lemon water in the morning is an excellent way to do it. Here are just some of the ways that drinking lemon water helps your skin:


  • – Lemon Water helps to prevent and slow the formation of wrinkles due to its high vitamin C content.
  • – Combats free radicals with antioxidants.
  • – Contains natural salts which balance out pH levels and help reduce excess oil on the face without drying it out.
  • – Vitamin C helps to detoxify the skin and purify it from impurities.
  • – Lemon water benefits your skin from the inside out by reducing inflammation and redness.


Lemon Water Benefits Your Immune System


Drinking lemon water benefits your immune system because it helps to prevent our bodies from getting sick. When we ingest cold and flu viruses, they spread throughout the body causing a great deal of damage that can oftentimes lead to illness. If you want to avoid falling victim to these kinds of infections try drinking a glass of lemon water every morning.


Lemon Water Will Benefit Your Digestive System


Drinking lemon water benefits your digestive system because it stimulates the liver, which helps to produce enzymes that are necessary for proper digestion. Its high vitamin C content also helps to prevent digestive discomfort and its high potassium content benefits the heart.


Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Helps You Lose Weight


lemon water for weight loss


Many believe that drinking lemon water benefits weight loss because the pectin stimulates digestion which helps to burn fat faster. Drinking water with lemon juice in it is an excellent way to consume fewer calories throughout the day, while still feeling satisfied.


Consuming fewer calories while simultaneously losing weight can be difficult, but adding lemon juice benefits to your morning routine is an easy way to do it!


Lemon Water Can Relieve Symptoms Of Depression


The benefits of drinking lemon water include benefits for individuals suffering from depression. The presence of vitamin C benefits the brain by helping produce serotonin which encourages feelings of happiness. The benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning can significantly improve somebody’s mood which benefits their overall mental wellbeing!


Drinking Lemon Water Can Help Prevent Kidney Stones


Lemon water contains high levels of citrate, a compound used to help treat kidney stones. Although citrate is usually administered in the form of a supplement to treat kidney stones, studies have shown that drinking lemon water is effective as an alternative treatment.


Lemon Water For Your Liver


Lemons are a great detoxifier for your liver. They help to flush out toxins and heavy metals, which can cause anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, skin issues, and weight gain. Drinking lemon water helps to stimulate your liver’s natural cleansing process.


For optimal benefits, drink eight ounces of warm water with the juice of one lemon early in the morning on an empty stomach. This is especially beneficial if you enjoy coffee or tea throughout the day.


Lemon Water Tips


fresh lemon water in the morning


Now you know some of the amazing benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning, but what about choosing a good lemon to use for your benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning? Below are some tips on how you can choose a good one.


  • Pick a lemon that is firm and heavy for its size – this means it’s fresh!
  • Make sure there are no wrinkles on the skin – this means that it’s old.
  • A lemon with smooth, shiny skin is younger and fresher than one with dull and dry skin.
  • A yellowish tint around the stem end tells you that it’s more mature and therefore sweeter, whereas a greenish tint at this spot indicates an unripe fruit


How Do You Make Lemon Water?


Making lemon water is really easy! All you have to do is add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to eight ounces of water, stir and enjoy.

Alternatively, you can infuse your water with lemon in one of these cool water infusers.


How Long Can You Leave Lemon In Water To Drink?


If infusing your water, remove the lemons after 12 hours and store the infused water in the fridge for up to 3 days.


Should I drink Warm Or Cold Lemon Water?


The choice is yours! Both are great as long as the water isn´t boiling! Regardless of if your water is chilled, room temperature, or on the warmer side, you’re still getting H2O and those added lemon benefits!




Lemon water benefits your skin, immune system, and digestive system. It benefits weight loss by providing fewer calories while still feeling satisfied. Drinking lemon juice in the morning can also help relieve symptoms of depression and prevent kidney stones or liver problems such as fatigue, headaches, skin issues, and weight gain.


If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your day with some benefits that are sure to last well into the afternoon hours then look no further than drinking lemon water!


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