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The Amazing Benefits of Listening to AudioBooks for Kids and Adults

Benefits Of Listening To Audiobooks


Do you love reading but don’t have the time to sit down and read? Well, then listening to audiobooks is perfect for you.


Listening to audiobooks is not just for kids. Adults can enjoy audiobooks too! In fact, there are many benefits of listening to audiobooks for the whole family! In this blog post, we’ll discuss those benefits, as well as some tips on how you can get started listening to audiobooks with your family.


Audiobook benefits


Benefits of Listening To Audiobooks For Adults


While there is always something magical about reading and holding a physical book. Audiobooks can offer most of the same benefits and some unique ones too!


Audiobooks are a great way to increase reading speed and comprehension.


Listening speeds up the process of getting through books by about six times, so if you’re tired of putting in all the time it takes to read a book or don’t have enough time for that kind of commitment, audiobooks present an alternative solution.


Listening to audiobooks boosts your concentration!


This is because listening to audiobooks trains your brain by strengthening neural connections between areas that control language, reading, memory, emotional empathy, and concentration skills.


They increase your vocabulary.


If you want to boost your vocabulary and learn new words, listening to audiobooks is a great way because you are exposed to more complicated sentence structures and word meanings.


Listening to audiobooks benefits mental health.


Listening to audiobooks can help curb anxiety and depression for some people by providing them with soothing background noise or an adventure that helps distract the mind from negative thoughts.


You can listen anywhere


Listening to audiobooks is a great way to be productive because you can listen anytime. In your car, at the gym, going for walks or even during work breaks!


Audiobooks are also:

  • Fun to listen to
  • great at helping you improve your storytelling skills.
  • a great family bonding experience.


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Benefits of Listening To Audiobooks For Children


Audiobooks For childs imagination


There are several benefits children gain by listening to audiobooks. From sparking interesting conversations to helping your child’s language skills. We’ve listed just some of the ways listening to audiobooks can benefit your child.


  • Audiobooks help children develop listening skills and quiet concentration.
  • Help children understand complex language.
  • Helps children learn punctuation, enunciation, and emphasis.
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Let’s your child hear fluent reading (as most are read aloud by either the author or a professional actor)
  • Literacy time can easily be increased as you can play audiobooks while your child is drawing, tidying their room, eating dinner, in the car, etc.
  • Increase a child’s storytelling skills
  • Read-along book and CD sets can also help children link the printed and spoken word
  • Audiobooks allow children to discover stories that exceed their actual reading age
  • Helps reluctant readers discover the joy of books
  • Audiobooks are fantastic for restless children as they allow the child to engage in other activities simultaneously


Tip: Try finding stories on subjects or characters your child is interested in. They will soon be begging you to listen to more! Listening to stories via reading aloud or through audiobooks is a great way to expose your child to different words and helps spark their imagination!


Where To Listen To Audiobooks For Kids For Free


There are several places you can find audiobooks to listen to for free. Here are some to get you going! has loads of books that are free to listen too including Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter and The Velveteen Rabbit. There are plenty of books to listen to for all ages from toddlers to teens!


Loyalbooks is another good site for free audiobooks. Titles include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Secret Garden, Heidi, The wind in the willows to name a few! This site is a gold mine of free audiobooks to listen to! Is another great site for children’s audiobooks! from classics to poems and fairytales this site has lots of good options!


Audiobook Apps

Looking for options when you’re on the go? Thankfully there are also some great apps to listen to free audiobooks including:

Free Audiobooks


LibriVox Audio Books


When To Listen To Audiobooks


The great thing about audiobooks is that they can be listened to at any time of the day. Here are some ways you can maximize your time with audiobooks


1) Audiobooks are great to listen to while in the car or on road trips

2) listen to audiobooks while doing chores around the house

3) Listen to a novel while going for a walk

4) Listen to audiobooks while having a bath

5) Play an audiobook in the background while your child play’s independently

6) While your child does arts and crafts or coloring

7) Play stories while your children play with building bricks



The benefits of audiobooks are numerous. There’s a reason why they’re such a popular format! With an increased vocabulary, better concentration, and the benefits to your mental health- not to mention being able to listen anytime anywhere – what more could you ask for?


Benefits of listening to audiobooks for kids and parents

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