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How to Easily Connect With Your Child Each Day

How To Connect With Your Child Every Single Day 


You want to be a good parent. You want your child to grow up happy and healthy, and for the two of you to enjoy each other’s company. But how do you make this happen? It all starts with connecting with them!

In this post were going to cover easy ways you can strengthen and connect with your child easily each day!


Mother and Child Connecting


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Read To Your Child (even if they can read themselves)


read aloud to child to connect with them


Reading is one of the best ways to easily connect with your children each day. It is a time of active listening and communicating with each other. Reading your child’s favorite story will not only make them happy but will also give you an opportunity to bond and connect.


Children feel comforted and connected when parents take the time to listen and talk with them. Reading is an awesome way to make this happen!


Reading opens up questions and topics of interest that can spark discussions between you and your child which might not normally arise in other more structural activities or in daily life.


Young children love to look at picture books and discuss what is happening in the pictures, not to mention the cozy loving feeling of being snuggled up to you.


Regardless of your child’s age or reading ability, taking some time each day to sit down as a family and read-aloud is an amazing way to connect with your children.


There are so many benefits of reading stories to children. Two books which I highly recommend are the read-aloud family and the read-aloud handbook.


Go Outside To Connect With Each Other and Nature


Family walk together to spend time together


Go for a walk with your family and purposely look for new things you´ve never seen before even if you walk the same route you usually take.


Talk about the different things you see, colors, shapes, insects, funny garden ornaments, really soak it all up. Not only will you benefit from the fresh air, but walking is also a great way to slow down and connect, burn off energy, connect with nature and get in some exercise.


Turn off Devices and Connect In The Moment


mother on phone disconnected from child


Another great way to slow down and connect with your children is to be intentional about how you use technology. It’s important to turn off your devices and connect In the moment with your child.


These days it’s so easy to be distracted by technology and to multitask, I mean there is an app for everything in our modern world. But if you want to connect with your child, try turning off the TV or put down your phone for a few minutes, so that you are able to fully focus on them.


We are all guilty of spending a little bit too long looking at our phones and at screens, checking our social media notifications, printing a recipe, or just catching up on the latest news and gossip. However, when your child constantly sees you staring at a phone it can create behavioral issues, tantrums, and feelings of disconnect.


It sounds so simple, but we “connect” more deeply with people by looking into their eyes than staring at a screen.


Try to schedule in at least 1 hour per day away from screens and devices and look into your child’s eyes when they speak to you.


Make Play a Priority


Play with child to connect


One of the best ways to connect with your young child is through play. Play is how children learn, connect and express big feelings they may not be able to communicate yet with words.


Role-playing things like doctor visits and taking turns between being the patient or doctor is a great way for children to test different outcomes and scenarios, to let them be in charge and express feelings.


You don’t need to play all day long but taking just 10-30 minutes to play with your child how they want, without you directing is a great way to show your child you care and are interested in what they enjoy.


With older kids make a family game night. Play card games, board games, or other games you enjoy. Family game night is a great way to connect with your child, and create memories together that you can cherish for years!


Cook and Bake Together


Cooking with children


Cooking and baking are great ways to spend quality time together with your kids. They can help you measure, stir and mix the ingredients. They will also be more likely to try the new creations they helped make!


Try to cook or bake together at least once a week, not only will they learn new skills but it will give you a chance to spend quality time together.


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The Art of Listening


listening to child


It’s so easy as a parent to want to hand out advice on how to solve problems and how to live life, but it’s important for your child that you listen.


If we want our children to feel like they can come to us as teenagers or adults, we need to listen to them while they are little too!


Taking the time to activity listen no matter how small and trivial it may seem to you, shows your child they can depend on you and trust you.


One way to listen is by asking open-ended questions. These are questions that require more than a yes or no answer and they can also give your child the opportunity to express how they feel as well as come up with solutions for their problems themselves!


For example, if your child says “I’ve had a hard day at school,” ask questions like “What was the hardest part of your day?” and “How can we help you feel better when you’re feeling sad or angry?”.


These questions show that instead of solving their problems for them, you want to hear how they think.


Learning to listen to our children is an amazing way to connect with them.


Work On a Project Together


connect with child on projects


From painting a bird’s house with your little one to getting your teenager involved in building a new bookcase, kids want and need to feel involved, included, and part of the team.


Get your kids involved and (when appropriate) ask for their opinion involving renovations or projects. This will show your child you value their opinion and help build a strong family connection.


Don’t Overschedule Your Days


busy schedule


There are so many activities and groups to sign up for after school and we want our kids to be engaged and have a good time.


But the more we plan, and schedule activities for every waking moment the less time there is to connect as a family without the stresses of getting everyone to class on time. Sometimes all kids need is ten minutes outside in your backyard with you throwing a ball around (or whatever else) before bedtime.


Also, make sure to have regular free days where you have nothing planned. Let kids make their own decisions about what they want to do on these days and maybe try one new activity together each month.


This will allow your children to have more control of how much time you spend with them, while also building a closer family unit.


Don’t Forget a Good Hug!


Hugging Child


As parents sometimes we need a hug from our child more than they need it from us! but just giving your child a quick hug before they run out to play with their friends, or when passing in the house can make your child feel so loved and connected.


Hugging is a great way to connect with your child and actually release oxytocin, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good!




The best way to build a strong relationship with your kids is by spending time together. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, as long as it involves connecting and talking face-to-face.


But the key is consistency; every day make sure that there’s some quality time spent on just being together. This could be reading books, cooking dinner together, playing games—anything!


And don’t forget to include your spouse in these moments too. You’ll bond more closely than ever before and create memories worth keeping for years to come.


How to connect with your child easily


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Monday 20th of November 2017

Hi! These are great ideas. Some are so simple, but so effective, like turning off technology. I totally agree with that one! Thanks for a great post!



Wednesday 6th of December 2017

Thanks Trista! Yes turning off technology is so important especially in the world we live in today :)


Saturday 16th of September 2017

Great post! I think so many parents forget these simple actions now a days. They mean so much to our children, yet some parents seem almost addicted to overachiever, or their phone, that they simply don't pay attention to the little things that really matter. I love the step about reading, my girls and I read everyday. And I'm looking forward to cooking with my older daughter; I told her when she turns 5 she can start helping with dinner, so just a few more weeks! Such an eye opening post. Thanks for writing it! Shawna

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.