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3 Easy Ways To Skim Fat Off Soup

Three Easy and Effective Ways To Skim Fat Off Stew, Soups Or Sauces!

Skim Fat Off Sauces

Ever cook a lovely stew or sauce only to find excess fats floating to the surface? More than likely you´d grab a teaspoon and try to skim it off… although this can be tedious. However, if your spoons have all magically disappeared and you’re only left with a slotted spoon, fear not my friend! For here are three unique ways you can skim that fat off easily.

Use an Egg

Egg Whites

Crack open an egg and pour the egg white into the simmering soup, stew, or sauce. Leave for a few minutes and watch as the egg absorbs the fat as it cooks! Once cooked, scoop out the solidified egg white with a slotted spoon and discard it.


Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes

Float two or three ice cubes on the surface and watch in amazement as the fat literally clings to the sides of the cubes! As fun as it is to watch, don´t forget to take out the cubes before they melt!

Lettuce Leaves

lettuce leaves

Got any lettuce waiting to be used up in the fridge? I do!, in fact, the other day I thought I bought one in my weekly shop but somehow ended up with four! To catch fat with lettuce simply float a large leaf on the surface of your soup, stew or sauce and watch as the fat is drawn in. Repeat the process with fresh leaves as necessary

So the next time you find yourself without a spoon wanting to skim the fat off a sauce you now have three alternative ways to do it!


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