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16 Of The Best Plant-Based Foods For Weight Loss

The 16 best fat burning plant-based foods for weight loss


If you’re on a mission to lose weight this is the post for you! We will uncover 16 plant-based healthy foods that help boost your weight loss.


These foods are not only healthy and keep you full but they are also great at reducing bloating and water retention. 


So if you’re looking to drop the pounds, reduce the bloat and feel good, keep reading!

Fat-Burning Plant-Based Foods


1 – Leafy Greens



This one is obvious by there’s a good reason it’s on this list. Leafy greens not only contain omega-3s, but they are also bursting with minerals like potassium. Potassium is especially good at reducing the bloating effects of sodium.


Try adding more leafy greens into your diet daily, not only are they super healthy for you they are also low in calories, bursting with goodness and help fight off the bloat!


2 – Bananas



Bananas are a great choice when trying to lose weight. They fill you up which helps prevent snacking and overeating and they are packed with magnesium and potassium. These minerals help to reduce bloating.


In addition, bananas are also loaded with prebiotics that feeds the good bacteria in your gut! 


3 – Chickpeas



Whether they are made into hummus or made into a curry, chickpeas are bursting with goodness, not to mention they are ridiculously tasty! 


But there is more to these little beans than meets the eye! They are absolutely loaded with plant-based protein, help reduce bloating, and are packed with antioxidants. 


4 – Berries



Berries make a great snack when losing weight. They are full of rich antioxidants, low in natural sugar and a cup’s worth contains up to a whopping 9 grams of fiber! Say bye-bye to constipation! 

Berries make a perfect snack and are fantastic on top of oats in the morning. Which leads us to our next great food for weight loss.


5 – Oats



Oats are great to include in a healthy lifestyle. They are filling, loaded with fiber, low in calories, help digestion, and lower blood pressure. They also contain good probiotics for a healthy gut!


6 – Peas



For such a small little legume they certainly pack a punch! Peas are filled with iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C. Just one cup of these little green balls contains 8 grams of protein!  


Peas also help reduce bloating and reduce water retention.


7 – Seeds



Next time you’re hungry reach for a handful of seeds. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds, in particular, are great as they ward off hunger pangs, are loaded with zinc, which helps boost the immune system, and are packed with protein and fiber! 


8 – Nuts



Just like seeds, nuts will keep you full and are loaded in goodness! Not only that but a study found here shows that people who eat nuts have less belly fat than people who snack on carbs. 


9 – Tea



Tea is another great way to boost weight loss, green tea, matcha tea can boost your metabolism and help speed up weight loss.


Click here for a full list of these fat-burning super teas!


10 – Citrus 



Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes are loaded with antioxidants and potassium. Potassium helps reduce bloating while the antioxidants help fight inflammation. 


There are also several ways you can enjoy citrus either on their own or by squeezing some into some good old water! Which we all know is vital for health and weight loss.


11 – Peanut Butter



Peanut butter makes a great snack when losing weight. Peanut butter satiating, loaded with fiber and protein and helps improve blood flow.


12 – Pumpkin Puree



Another great way to reduce bloat is to eat pumpkin puree. It’s loaded with fiber and even contains more potassium than a banana! 


13 – Potatoes (White & Sweet potatoes)



Potatoes (not fried) are super filling, low in calories, and packed with goodness. They make the perfect lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. They help reduce water retention and help reduce bloat, making them an all-round win-win for losing weight. Do not be scared of good carb’s people! 


Baked potato topped with beans and a side salad makes an excellent filling lunch! Let’s face it the number of ways you can enjoy potatoes, without frying obviously, goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on! 


14 – Beans



Good old beans! Curries, chilis, soups, on top of salads, there is a reason beans are everywhere! They are so ridiculously good for you! Protein, fiber, minerals, B-vitamins you name it they’ve got it! They might be small but they are flavorsome and absolute powerhouses for health and weight loss. Beans like many foods on this list also help to reduce bloat.


15 – Whole Grains



Brown rice, barley, farro, quinoa, to name a few whole grains are excellent at reducing the bloat. Stay away from refined grains such as processed white bread which helps expand the waistline. 


16 – Tomatoes and Cucumbers



Load up your salads with tomatoes and cucumbers, their high water content helps the body flush excess water retention. Plus they are super tasty and bursting with goodness.


If you’ve enjoyed reading about these fat-burning superfoods share with your friends or someone else you may think will benefit and don’t forget to pin for later!


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Best plant-based foods for weight loss

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