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17 Powerful Mindful Affirmations For Living A Mindful Life

Powerful Mindful Affirmations For Living In the Moment


It’s no secret that we live in a world where our minds are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts. As a result, many people have learned to react and respond automatically to these thoughts without even realizing it.


This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and anxious on a daily basis. Mindful affirmations are one way of changing this pattern by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and focusing on the present moment.


The key is practice: regular repetition is the only way for your brain to learn new patterns of thinking, reacting, and responding – so don’t give up if you’re not seeing immediate results!


It will take time before your brain learns how to override old habits and replace them with mindful reactions, but over time you’ll notice that these positive thoughts become easier than others.


In this blog post, I’ll share some mindful affirmations you can use during the day to help quiet those negative thoughts and replace them with something healthier.


practicing mindful affirmations


Mindful Affirmations


  • I am mindful of my breath

This mindful affirmation is an excellent way to start off your morning, especially if you’re not a morning person. It encourages mindful breathing – one mindful breath at a time.


  • I am mindful of my body in this present moment

This mindful affirmation is helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or out of control.


  • In this moment, all is well

Focus your mindful thoughts on the present moment, instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.


  • I can breathe through this

This affirmation is useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious and trying to find your “inner peace”.


  • I am calm

Is a great mindful affirmation to repeat when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.


  • I am in control

This one is good for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and want to reassure yourself that everything is going to be okay. 


  • I am blessed, everything is working out for me

Good for when times are going well and you want to rejoice in how fortunate you feel.


  • I am loved

This affirmation is especially useful if you’re feeling sad, lonely, or depressed.


  • I am thankful

This mindful affirmation is another good one when things are going well in your life – take a moment to be mindful and grateful for all the blessings you have.


  • I forgive ___________________ (fill in the blank with whoever or whatever you’re holding a grudge against)

This mindful affirmation is useful if you find yourself stewing on hatred or resentment towards someone, and want to let go of your anger.

For example: “I forgive my sister for making me feel angry when she insulted me.”


  • I forgive myself for _______________________ (fill in the blank by writing your own mindful confession)

This mindful affirmation is especially helpful if you’re feeling stuck because of something you did or didn’t do. By forgiving yourself, you’ll feel lighter and more at peace with the situation.


  • The only moment that exists is right now

This mindful affirmation is excellent for when you’re experiencing anxiety or feelings of dread. It helps you to focus on the present moment, instead of worrying about what may happen in the future (which seldom ever turns out as we expected).


  • I attract positive energy

Great if you want to attract something positive into your life, such as love or opportunities.


  • I feel safe In this moment

Another great one for when you’re experiencing anxiety and need reassurance that everything will turn out okay.


  • I am in control of my thoughts

This affirmation is good if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want to remind yourself that we are the only ones who can control our state of mind!


  • I can’t control others only myself

Helps you to let go of frustration when others don’t act the way you want them to.


  • All is well

Great for when you’re feeling anxious, fearful, or worried. This mindful affirmation helps you to stay mindful of the present moment and appreciate how lucky you are.


Benefits Of Affirmations


being mindful in the moment


Mindful affirmations have many benefits that can help you to reduce stress and anxiety, let go of negative emotions, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, heal relationships through forgiveness, and live a happier life overall.


  • -Help relieve stress and anxiety
  • -Reduce emotional reactivity
  • -Engage the imagination
  • -Improve self-esteem
  • -Enhance personal insight
  • -Create a feeling of peace and well being



It is important to understand that affirmations are not magic. They work by creating the desired state of mind and body, but it takes time for them to take effect.


The more you practice using affirmations on a daily basis, the quicker they will become ingrained in your psyche. The good thing with affirmations is you can do them anywhere and at any time. Even if you don’t believe them, just keep thinking them until they become second nature!


And as always, please feel free to comment on any mindful affirmations that have worked for you below! I’d love to hear how these mindful statements have affected your life.


powerful mindful affirmations to live in the moment

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.