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How To Trim Your Baby´s Nails Easily and Fast

How To Cut Baby Nails Safely And Fast!


Parents, how many of you have struggled with cutting your baby’s fingernails? It is a tough task that most parents dread. From clenched fists to sharp nails- it is hard to get the job done!


Luckily there are ways to make nail trimming easier and much less stressful for both you and your baby. We will discuss these hacks in detail below so that you can cut your baby’s fingernails like a pro.


Trimming baby's nails


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When Can You Cut Newborn Nails?


Newborn nails are incredibly soft and because of this, it is recommended that you wait until they are about one month old before cutting them. The nail will be hard and strong by the time the baby reaches three months old so it would make sense to trim their nails then.


So while you won’t need to get the nail clippers out for a few weeks you will want to gently peel the ends off with your fingers to stop them from scratching themselves and you. Nails are so soft at this age that the surplus will generally peel away very easily without much effort.


If you don’t feel comfortable with this then you can use a small nail file to gently file them down.


How Often Should You Cut Your Baby’s Nails


Baby’s nails grow quickly, and it is important to keep them at a reasonable length. After the initial trimming session, continue to cut their nails every one or two weeks depending on how quickly they grow in.


Toenails grow slower than fingernails, so you can wait up to three months before cutting them for the first time. Then continue to cut them every few weeks or when you notice they are getting too long.


Why Is It So Difficult To Cut Baby Nails?



Baby’s love to clench their hands and toes tightly, which makes it difficult to cut their nails. If you’ve ever tried to pry open a baby’s clenched fist you know first hand how difficult this can be!


Newborns clench their fists because they are still working on developing control over their hands. But as they get older, this will stop and you should be able to trim their nails without too much resistance.


Don’t worry though at the end of this post there is a tip on how you can cut baby nails effortlessly every single time!


Different Ways Of Trimming Your Baby’s Nails


There are several different ways to cut your baby’s nails, and some methods work better for nail trimming than others. Before deciding which way to go with cutting your child’s nails you will want to look at the tools and learn how to safely use them.


Cutting Baby’s Nails With Scissors


Cutting baby nails with scissors


Nail scissors are a great way of trimming your baby’s nails. They are designed specifically for cutting fingernails and toenails, so they’ll do the job without too much effort or difficulty.


Nail scissors come in two different styles: straight edge and curved blade. Straight edge scissors work best on smaller fingers because it is easier to cut the nail with a straight edge. Curved blade scissors work best on larger fingers because it is easier to cut the nail with a curved blade.


Many parents prefer using blunt-tip scissors, but there are also pointed tip and sharp point scissors available for purchase. Pointed tips are better for people who have more experience cutting their children’s nails.


Trimming Your Baby’s Nails With Clippers


cutting baby nails with nail clipper


Clippers are designed to get the job done quickly. They are specially designed for cutting fingernails and toenails, so they’ll do the job without too much effort or difficulty.


You should use a gentle but firm grip when using clippers on your infant’s nails because it will provide more control during trimming and help reduce instances of accidentally clipping the skin surrounding the nail.

The clippers should be positioned so that the blade is above and parallel to where you want to cut, with the sharp edge facing upwards–away from your baby’s skin.

One of the most important things to remember when using clippers on children under age two years old is not to clip too close to their fingernail.

These clippers are great as they have a light which will come in super useful if you follow the tips at the end of this post!


Filling Nails With a File


Trimming baby nails with electric nail file


Regular nail files or electric baby nail files can be used to remove jagged edges on your baby’s nails. When using a nail file, hold the file gently but firmly with even pressure from one end of the fingernail to another and in an upwards motion towards your fingertip. Holding the file at different angles will produce curved ridges that can snag clothing and damage the nail.


Electric nail files are especially effective when used on children who are too young to be cooperative. Some babies may not like the sensation of the electric nail file.


The Best Way To Cut Baby’s Nails


cutting baby's nails when baby is sleeping


Now what you’re really here for! The best and easiest way to trim your baby’s nails!


The secret lies in the timing! Yes, regardless if you choose scissors or clippers the trick to doing it safely, quickly and without any tears is all in the timing.


And the perfect time is when they are asleep!


Once your baby is down for their nap wait until they are in a deep sleep. You will know when they are in a deep sleep once their muscles relax. Simply lift your baby’s arm and if there is no resistance or tension you’re good to go!


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Once you are certain your little one is in a deep enough sleep, hold their wrist with your left hand (if your right-handed) and gently push down the skin from under their nail with your thumb.


Now with your right hand, you have free easy access to the nail with no worries of cutting the skin. This is hands down the easiest and safest way to cut your baby or even toddler’s nails!




Cutting your baby’s nails is one of those things that every parent dreads but it doesn’t have to be. If you wait until they are in a deep sleep, the easiest way to cut their nails is by using your thumb to push down on the skin from under the nail and then cutting them with scissors or clippers. Remember this process will only work if they are really asleep so don’t try this when they’re awake!


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how to cut and trim baby nails

How To Trim Baby Nails Easily

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