How to Trim Baby Nails – (THE FAST, EASY & SAFE WAY)

When my son was born I was absolutely terrified to trim his nails! I thought I would slip and chop off one of his tiny little fingers.

In fact, I didn´t cut his nails the first time, I got a friend who has 3 kids and has experienced cutting little nails multiple times to do the deed for me!

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Fast forward a few years and I feel like a nail clipping pro! not one nip or accident. I actually, as sad as it may be, feel proud of that!

So if you’re looking to find the easiest way to cut your infant’s talons nails, fast, easy and injury free keep reading!

First, let’s get the basics out the way!

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When Can I Start Cutting My Baby´s Nails?

Newborns nails grow incredibly fast and are fairly soft and flexible.

So while you won’t need to get the nail clippers out for a few weeks you will want to gently peel the ends off with your fingers to stop them scratching themselves and you!

How Often Do You Trim Baby Nails?

One to two times a week for fingernails and twice a month for toenails (they grow slower)

So now you know when and how often to trim your baby´s nails, it´s time to get the clippers!

It´s All In the Timing

Timing is the most important part to avoid injury! Newborns may look sweet and fragile but they can clasp those little hands so tight that they are near impossible to pry open!

Toddlers, on the other hand, are busy little humans and start to think it´s a game of how fast can they can pull their hand away before you reach them with the clippers… which can lead to a lot of frustration for both parent and child.

The best and easiest way to safely cut their nails is to wait till they are asleep!

Once your child is napping or down for the night wait a few minutes to make sure they are in a deeper sleep, you can do this by lifting their arm and if they don´t tense your good to go! (click here if you need help to get your little one to sleep!)

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The Technique

Once you are certain your little one is in a deep enough sleep, hold their wrist with your left hand (if your right handed) and gently push down the skin from under their nail with your thumb.

Now with your right hand, you have free easy access to the nail with no worries of cutting the skin.

Tip: my son has blackout shutters on his windows which makes it impossible to see his nails when he is asleep, so I use the flashlight on my phone propped up to shine on his nails (not face) so I can see clearly where I am cutting.

Even if you don´t use blackout shades, it really does help to shine a flashlight on the nails to really get a clear view. These clippers also have a built-in light to make it much easier than my flashlight method!

That´s it you’re all done! See how easy and fast that was! No tears, no accidents, and no scratchy nails! and better yet no tantrums or tears! This technique is definitely a win-win 🙂

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How to trim your baby´s or toddlers nails easily, safely and fast

How To Trim Baby Nails Easily