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21 Easy Easter Crafts For Kids (That They’ll Enjoy)

Looking for easy Easter crafts for little kids? These simple to make crafts are super easy and are sure to be a big hit.

Are you struggling to find quick and easy Easter crafts that your little kids will enjoy?

Ones that don’t require tons of materials or hours to create?

Well, keep reading.

In this post, you’ll find 31 simple Easter crafts even toddlers can make!

So let’s begin:


Toddler easter crafts


Printable Easter Bunny Doll Set


printable bunny for easter


How cute are these little bunnies? This craft is super easy and only requires a printer, paper and glue stick! Your little one will be happy to make mommy, daddy, and baby bunnies with this cool printable.

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Easter Paper Chains


easter paper chains


These paper chains are fun for the whole family to make and will make lovely Easter decorations! They are also easy enough for young toddlers and the prints are just too cute!

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Bunny Lollipops

bunny lollipop craft


These bunny suckers are easy to make and fun decorations for parties.

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Easter Bunny Wall Hanging



This craft makes a really cute decoration you can hang up at Easter for years to come and remember your little one’s work.

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Handprint Bunny Craft

Use your child’s handprint to make these adorable little bunnies. They are super easy to make and don’t require lots of materials.

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No-Sew Chicks

With just some basic materials your kids (with your help if they are younger) can create these adorable no-sew chicks!

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Photo Easter Egg Craft

This fun Easter egg photo craft is fun for kids to make and uses simple materials like cardboard, candy, and paint.

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Easter Egg Coloring


Who doesn’t love coloring? These adorable egg coloring printables are perfect for little artists!

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Eco-Friendly Fillable Easter Eggs

So simple, yet so cute! The color combo possibilities are endless. This printable pattern only requires felt, scissors, a marker, a needle, and embroidery floss. Plus any additional decorations you may wish to add.

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Bunny and Fox Jars

Got some old empty glass jars? Make these super cute animals. They make perfect pencil holders, or fill them with goodies and use as table decorations.

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Easter Gift Jars

Another glass jar craft. This one is super cute and makes a great gift. Your little one can help make the rabbits.

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Pudding Bunnies

Turn pudding cups into these little bunnies with this adorable craft.

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Easter Chick Wine Cork Craft

Use old wine corks to make these super cute little chicks. This craft is super easy and one the kids will have fun stamping!

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Easter Egg Popsicles


These Easter egg smoothie popsicles are sure to be a big hit. Little kids can help make the smoothie and then get to eat their fun creation!

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Easter Egg Maracas

How cool are these! There is lots to enjoy with this craft from making them and playing with them.

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Bunny Craft

This simple craft uses toilet paper rolls dipped in paint to create bunny ears and carrots and the results are adorable!

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Shaving Cream Egg Decoration

Another really simple craft that kids will LOVE. Dye eggs with shaving cream and food coloring for some amazingly beautiful results!

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DIY Chocolate Easter Egg

Get the kids in the kitchen for this DIY chocolate Easter egg craft. Easy to make and the kids will love it.

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Grow Edible Wheat Grass

How fun is this? Not only does it make an amazing decoration but it’s edible too. Your kids will be amazed how fast this grass grows and they can make little “nests” for their DIY eggs.

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Basket Craft

This craft shows you how to make your very own Easter basket and it only requires a few materials.

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Bunny Spoons

These bunny spoons are so cute and are super easy to do! Young kids will love sticking the features on. A perfect simple craft to keep your toddler or younger child busy!

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So there you have some simple easy Easter crafts your kids can make that don’t require a whole bunch of materials!


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Easy easter crafts for kids

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