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Potty Training In 3 Days: Secrets I Wish I Knew Sooner!

Potty Training In 3 Days? It Can Be Done!


It’s time to potty train your toddler! But where do you start? What should you do first? How can it be done quickly and without too much fuss? This article will show you how to potty train your toddler in 3 days and some secrets for success so you can be done with daytime potty training once and for all!


potty training in 3 days toddler on toilet


Secret #1: You Are One Of The Keys To Success!


If you get frustrated with your toddler or with accidents while potty training, then stop! Remember you are setting an example for your toddler. Toddlers quickly imitate what they see their parents doing – if you lose your temper, or get frustrated, so will they.


This is a time when it’s especially important to remain calm and patient as this will help your toddler potty train in the least amount of time possible.


Getting frustrated can have the reverse effect – it can lead your toddler to not want to potty train at all. If you are not the calmest person in the world, then find someone close to you that can help. Ask a friend or family member to come by and watch your toddler for an hour so you can go for a walk or get some fresh air.


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Secret #2: You don’t need “extras”


potty toddler


While there are all sorts of things you can purchase to make potty training easier for you and your toddler, such as potty chairs, potty training pants (also called pull-ups), or special underwear that tells when they are wet. Don’t waste your money on these items. Instead, follow the tips in this article and you will be successful with toilet training without buying any extras!


Instead of having potties scattered all over your house simply buy a toilet seat with a special child’s seat that fits right on top of an adult-sized toilet. This will save you a lot of money not buying special potties or potty training pants for your toddler.


By showing your child how to use the regular toilet without a special potty around the house you are saving yourself a lot of time and hassle from then transitioning your child from the potty to the real toilet. It’s much easier to skip them altogether and start straight with the toilet.


Just a simple step stool and child seat that fits into a standard toilet like this one are really all you need to successfully potty train in 3 days.


Secret #3: Hold Off On The Rewards


While it can feel tempting to give out rewards when your child successfully uses the toilet it’s not necessary! Instead focus on positive and encouraging words. Instead of simply saying “good job” try to be more specific on what they have done well. For example, say things like:


– I’m proud of you for sitting on the potty for two minutes and listening to your body tell you when it’s time to go.

– You did it! You have learned to flush the toilet like a big boy/girl.


Once your toddler knows what they are doing and that you are proud of them for their efforts, you won’t need extra rewards or treats to encourage them.


Secret #4: Books Can Help


potty training books


Children relate very well to stories and characters. By reading stories about potty training, your child will relate to the characters and won’t feel so bad if they have an accident because they remember the character in the story had accidents too!


Secret #5: Relax


Like secret number 1, it’s vital that you as the parent relax as much as possible during potty training. If you’re too stressed or uptight your toddler will be to – and that’s the last thing you want! Try to keep a positive attitude, remember – accidents will happen and that’s ok!


Secret #6: Be Consistent


Once you’re sure your toddler is ready to start potty training (you can read about the signs below) then it’s vital to be consistent! If you really want to potty train your toddler in 3 days consistency is key.


Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Start Potty Training


Signs Toddler is ready for potty training


There is no set age for potty training. Some children begin toilet training between 18 and 30 months, while others do not seem interested until 3 or 4 years of age. The most important thing is to pay attention to your child’s readiness signs.


Some signs of readiness are:


  • Shows interest in the toilet, potty, or underpants.
  • Wants to watch you go.
  • Stays dry for two or more hours.
  • Poops on a predictable schedule.
  • Shows discomfort and complains when a diaper is full.
  • Can follow basic directions.
  • Understands potty lingo like “pee” and “poop.”
  • Tells you when he needs to go.
  • Uses body language, like hiding in the corner.
  • Can pull pants down and up alone.
  • Can sit down on as well as get up from a potty chair.


Potty Training In 3 Days – The How-To


Before you start dedicate 3 days when you will be free from running errands and commitments. You will be spending a lot of time with your child, so you will need to be free of other tasks.


Once the 3 days are set aside for potty training and your child is showing signs of being ready to potty train it’s time to begin!


Helpful Tip: In the days leading up to potty training its good to read some books on potty training without any pressure for them to start right away just read the stories aloud while they play quiety or look through and read at the books together.


The Week Before:


Let your toddler observe you in the bathroom, the more your child observes you and other family members in the household using the toilet the better! (if other members of the family are ok with having a toddler watch them that is!)


Demonstrate how you go potty. Show them how you wipe, flush, and wash your hands. This will make the whole process familiar to your child and less scary. This is not the time to tell your toddler you will start potty training soon, just simply let your child observe as much as they can.


The Night Before:


Explain to your child the night before that in the morning they will not be wearing their diaper during the day and that you will show them and teach them how to use the potty as you do and like in the books you read before.


Explaining to your child will help them know what to expect and it won’t be such a shock than if you just start potty training them without warning.


Day one of Potty Training


day 1 potty training in 3 days


The big day has arrived! Once your child wakes up, remind them what an exciting day it will be for them to learn to use the bathroom and not need diapers during the day!


Note: Most children will continue to use diapers for naps or at bedtime for a while even after they are dry during the day.


Dress your child lightly, nothing bulky or hard to pull up or down, or simply commando from the waist down! Go to the bathroom yourself to demonstrate and then let your child sit on the toliet. If they don’t go, don’t worry.


Throughout the day give your child plenty of fluids to drink. This will keep them hydrated and more willing to use the bathroom rather than hold it in.


Continue to bring your child to the bathroom at least once an hour to use the toilet. Remember the key is consistency!


If your child shows signs they need to go before you’ve taken them to the bathroom remind them to “hold it” and go to the bathroom with them straight away. Ask your child how their body feels when they need to go potty. You can ask “Do you feel like your tummy wants to go potty? This will help your child remember the feeling of needing to go potty so next time they will let you know!


If your child has an accident don’t make a big fuss about it just clean up the mess and remind your child that now we don’t use diapers during the day, but at night or nap time is ok to wear them.


Tip: If you have multiple bathrooms in the house trying taking your child to different toilets throughout the day. This way if they are in another area of the house and need to go potty they will feel more confident going to the closest toilet nearer to them rather than the one they are used to.


The 2nd Day of Potty Training in 3 Days


young child drinking water


The second day is going to basically be a repeat of the first day. It requires patience, persistence, and consistency!


Remember to keep your child well hydrated during the day and give frequent reminders that you want them to remember how they feel when their body needs to “go potty” so they can let you know before.


Again, accidents will most likely occur while potty training in the beginning so just encourage your child as always and continue to take them to the bathroom at least once an hour.


Remember consistency is the key. Don’t put your child back in diapers midway through the day. If your child has accidents don’t worry, they will quickly learn the feeling of needing to go to the toilet, and that it doesn’t feel good to wet yourself without diapers on! Stay strong and be consistent!


3rd Day of The 3 Day Potty Training Technique


walk with toddler


On day three, if all goes well you should have a dry diaper-free toddler during the day! Continue and be consistent like the past two days. Every time your toddler goes to the bathroom praise them and be specific.


“I saw you went to the bathroom alone when you needed to go potty, I’m really proud of you”


Being specific in your praise rather than just saying “well done” will encourage your child to continue.


Now is also the time to start “getting back to normal” teach your child that before leaving the house it’s important to go to the toilet in case there isn’t a toilet close by.


Practice this throughout the day. Bring your child to the toilet and let them go potty. Then take a quick 5-minute walk around the block and back to the house again. Over the next few days make outings slightly longer, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.


Remember: Even once your child is fully dry during the day there is always the chance of an accident. Don’t let once in a while accidents throw you off.



Potty Train In 3 Days Conclusion


Potty training in 3 days seems like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. This article provides some potty tips and tricks for parents that should help make the process easier.


It’s important not to get discouraged when your child has accidents during potty training because they will quickly learn how their body feels before needing to go potty!


You can also practice getting back into normal routines by taking your toddler on short outings around the block or shopping trips where you’ll need them to use the bathroom so they know what is expected of them outside of the home too!


And remember! Potty training doesn’t have to be hard and stressful. Make it fun for your toddler and don’t try to get everything perfect in one day! Your child won’t be in diapers forever!


potty training in 3 days easy

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