5 Easy Blogging Tips For Beginners

Always wanted to start blogging but a bit lost on how to actually, you know, start? Or have you tried a few times, only to have your enthusiasm drained by the third post?

Blogging can be incredibly rewarding and a great creative outlet and there are lots of great reasons to start one. But, without a strong foundation to build on, many would-be bloggers have a tough time getting off the ground.

So how do you build a blog that’s strong from the start and an easy blog to maintain? Read on to find out!

Blogging Tips For Beginners

1. Find Your Niche

Way before you start drafting your first post, you need to decide what you’re going to be blogging about.

Whether you love cooking, parenting tips, music, politics, travel, or more, you’ve got an interest worth blogging about. Pick a theme that you know you have a lasting passion in and a unique perspective about.

While you probably have a lot of different interests you want to write about, writers who focus on one niche area tend to be more successful. There’s a reason you don’t go to a political website for cooking tips or vise-versa!

2. Make a Content Plan

Do you want to write gif-heavy listicles, long pieces with photography, or something in between? Of course, not every piece you write has to fit into a cookie cutter format, but your readers will expect some consistency.

Figuring out your style, approximate length, and voice will also make it easier to write each post. This is because you’re not starting from scratch each time.

3. Make an Easy Blog Posting Schedule

Once you’ve got an idea of the sort of content that you want to write and your style, it’s time to draft your first few posts. But don’t post them yet!

Instead, prepare your first three or four posts as though you were going to post them. Get everything ready from editing to images. How long did each post take you?

Use this to draft a realistic posting schedule.

Many new bloggers think that they will post every day. For most people, that’s simply not a reasonable goal. Plus, if you promise daily content to your readers and then don’t deliver, you’ll lose their trust.

At the same time, no schedule isn’t good either. If you post three times in a week, go silent for a month, and then come back with new content, your readership will be confused (or worse, gone!).

A realistic posting schedule is an easy blog trick to keep your readers engaged. Plus, it’ll keep you motivated!

4. Edit, Edit, Edit!

People don’t want to read filler. If you ramble on for paragraphs to say what you could have said in a sentence, your readers are going to get bored.

While both short, attention-grabbing posts and longer content are both proven to be successful what matters is whether the content is engaging the whole time.

Plus, nothing stands out worse than a spelling mistake! Giving your posts a good edit will help convince readers you really do know what you’re talking about.

5. Show Off Your Personality

While editing is important, that doesn’t mean you have to be formal! Show off your personality by writing in your real voice.

People love reading blog posts that make them feel like they know the writer. Let your personality shine through! Your following will love you for it!

Wrapping Up

Starting a new blog doesn’t have to be difficult! With a strong niche, content plan, and posting schedule, great posts will come. Then it’s up to some editing, and showing off your unique voice to really make your blog your own.