Month: May 2017

Blog Stats Report – Month 1 May 2017

Watch me build my blog, May 2017 Month 1 Why am I starting a blog? I’m starting this blog for many reasons really! It all started many years ago at my first ever “proper” job working for an SEO company in London at 17 years old. At that time, social media as we know it today did not exist, there was no Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc. It was literally as simple as adding some meta tags for your keywords, sprinkling some keywords around your site and in the titles and ranking highly. I then decided to relocate to some place more...

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Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep Easier With A Wind Down Hour

Simple Wind Down Routine To Help Your Baby or Toddler Sleep Much More Easily (This page may contain affiliate links you can read the full disclosure here) It’s amazing how much you don’t think about bedtime or going to sleep until you have kids, then it pretty much becomes an obsession. You spend hours googling good routines, how many hours should a baby sleep? Is my child normal? Will I ever sleep again in my life? Bedtime routines are important, even adults have their own. But what about the hours leading up to bed? Even if you have the best routine...

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Foods That Help Toddlers Sleep (And Stay) Asleep

  Make Bedtime Easy With These Sleep Promoting Foods   Ahhh bedtime, even the word makes me sleepy! Not so much for my toddler though… In fact I don´t ever say the word bedtime I say ¨Lets go brush your teeth.” He then takes my hand and leads me to the stairs before counting each step on the way up to his room.   Now, I know a lot of toddlers hate brushing their teeth, but even using a different phrase such as, ¨let´s go have your bath now¨ if they enjoy their bath in their bedtime routine, can make a...

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5 Healthy Food Recipes, Meals and Snacks Your Toddler Will Love!

Simple, Easy and Fast Recipes for Toddlers Toddlers are interesting little humans, one day bananas are their absolute favorite food on the entire planet and the next they turn their nose up at it like you’ve handed them a bowl of rotten eggs. When my baby boy first entered into the world of eating “real” foods I wanted to keep everything as natural and organic as possible. I told myself i would not be filling his little snack box with random animal/car/unicorn shaped non nutritional value, you get the idea, crackers (ha! That didn’t work out so well) But…...

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